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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Emerging issues from DPAC Special Session on Curriculum Implementation...

Encouraging parents with opinions to share them with decision makers-

The District of North Vancouver Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) held an information session last week open to all parents, to bring forth questions about the new curriculum...and there were many! The panel included teachers, principals, and representation from the BC Teachers' Federation with a note that Ministry of Education personnel were willing, but unable to attend this particular session.

The questions ranged from what students would learn, how it would differ, when would it happen, what would evaluation look like, how technology would fit in, and how the government budgeted for the changes being implemented... Please keep in touch with the DPAC website to see  more specific discussions http://www.northvanpac.org The specifics of the new curriculum can be found here https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/curriculum

Questions were numerous, the panelists were enthusiastic yet realistic about the inevitable challenges, and an important issue emerged from the meeting -- provincial funding. According to the Bank of Canada website, http://www.bankofcanada.ca/core-functions/monetary-policy/inflation/, an average inflation rate is 2%--With the Education Budget for next year being the same as last year, the funding is effectively going to be lower because next year's dollar power is lower than this year's, which is especially relevant when considering purchases, such as technology. 

With all the technology requirements now embedded throughout the new curriculum, there were expressions of concern over how funding would be handled.  We bring this to your attention now, as the budget process is nearing its end; perhaps there is a small window in which parent voices can be heard? The government has an email address for feedback on education funding, so if you have something to say -- please email Education.FundingDepartment@gov.bc.ca

Budget numbers have been extracted from the Ministry of Education's site http://www.bcbudget.gov.bc.ca/2014/sp/pdf/ministry/educ.pdf.

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